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Owned and Operated by Charlie & Casey Ellington in Stark & Carroll Counties in Northeastern Ohio. 


Our goal is to share our love of agriculture by providing quality locally raised freezer meats and sell the meat that our small family farm raises directly to our neighbors in our local communities.

We specialize in freezer beef and pork, our goal is to raise quality meat while providing the best possible care and nutrition for our animals.  We do not use any growth hormones, or unnecessary antibiotics*. 

We offer our beef and pork by the whole, half or quarter you can choose your own cuts. If those options are too large we also love providing smaller packages too.  Our Facebook is always updated with our most current promotions. If you cannot find what you are looking for please let us know, we love finding a solution!

We have deep roots and passion for farming as sixth-generation farmers along with an education from Ohio State University in Animal science we love to share our story and our products from our farms.


  We started our small family farm with 2 steers in 2010 in a small barn and lot that we were fortunate enough to use rent-free for our first few months until we found our current small Louisville Ohio home and farm.  Since we still have limited space in Louisville we searched elsewhere and were so lucky to find and purchase our 25 acre Carroll county farm in 2015.  In 2016 we built another livestock barn in Carroll county to spread our roots and provide more space for our animals.  We also do a small number of grain crops, hay, straw and in 2022 added accurate farm toys to our business.  


 We purchase our animals from other local farmers so that we know about their care and health since we do not have the resources to birth all of the animals on our small farm.  We value other farmers' passion for breeding great quality animals and sharing their love of farming too, we value our farmers in our area their relationships and knowledge are a great resource.   Since Charlie is a Ruminant Nutritionist our cattle and pigs are feed a specialized diet specifically created for them to achieve optimal health and gains for delicious tasting meat and the animals' overall comfort.

*Our antibiotic policy is that we first prevent with vaccines, proper nutrition, and humane handling, if an animal is sick we work with our veterinarian to determine the best route of care to get them healthy again.  We feel it is our duty and honor to provide the best care and comfort for our animals.  We follow all withdrawal times and we also keep records of treated animals, we are very fortunate that we have had very few sick animals since we have started. 


You can read more about our operation here in About Magazineand as always please ask us any questions that you may have, we love sharing our knowledge and experiences.

Thank you for your interest, we appreciate your time and support!

Charlie & Casey Ellington​

"Family farms are part of the American tradition of self-sufficiency and serve as the basis of local communities. With each local food purchase more of your money spent on food goes directly to the farmer. Local farmers spend their money with local merchants and the money stays in your community."
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