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Half Beef Share, Reservation Only

Half Beef Share, Reservation Only



$350.00 is only the deposit.

The deposit amount is applied to the overall total, and the balance is due upon delivery or pickup.

Half Beef price is $4.25lb based on hanging weight and includes processing charges (Cut & Vaccum Sealed).

This is a NONREFUNDABLE deposit.


Our average hanging weight is 375lb, and the estimated total price is $1,593.75 for a Half beef side.


We will help you with your cutting instructions, getting your beef cut to your specifications.


Due to differences of individual animals, final hanging weights will vary. Beef take-home weights are approximately 30-35% less than carcass hanging weigh due to trimming and deboning. Each beef is dry aged 14 - 21 days.


We will send you a follow-up email with your processing date and to determine pick up or delivery.

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